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Overwatch 2 players have spotted a problem with Lucio's Snow Fox skin

"It gives you a positional disadvantage at all times."

Overwatch 2 players have identified a glitch with a Lucio skin that unwittingly lets other players see where they are.

u/FidgetSpinnetMan recently took to the Overwatch subreddit to report the issue, including an image that shows how Lucio's Snow Fox skin and its icy visual effect can be seen from long distances across the map - including through walls (thanks, PCGN).

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"BUG REPORT: I was playing a game and I noticed that the enemy Lucio was visible through the walls," they wrote in a post that has received two thousand upvotes. "He used the Snow Fox skin and the weapon has smoke coming from it and it seems to be visible through the walls. Don't use this skin because it gives you a positional disadvantage at all times."

The post has generated quite a discussion, with some commenters saying they first reported the issue when Overwatch 2 launched. At the time of writing, however, it doesn't seem as though Blizzard has acknowledged the problem, let alone fixed it.

On the plus side, the skin is no longer available to buy, so the issue only affects players who have brought Lucio's Winter Wonderland skin with them when moving from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. But given players are reporting similar issues with other skins - such as Rein's hammer - it may be something to bear in mind if you're jumping into the action any time soon.

ICYMI, Overwatch players have taken to social media to ask why retailers still have Overwatch on sale when the game is no longer playable. As u/raistwalls1 exemplifies on the same Overwatch subreddit, retailers still have copies of Overwatch for both PS4 and Xbox One on sale - on this occasion, it's priced at $34 - even though the game essentially no longer exists.

"As things stand today, Overwatch 2 feels like yet another service game where unlocks lead off into perpetuity, purely because money has to be made," Edwin said in Eurogamer's Overwatch 2 review. "It's got its eyes on the horizon, and the same old spring in its step, but I'm not sure it has anywhere to go."

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