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Overwatch 2 adds dating sim for season three

Have Mercy on Mei.

Blizzard has released details of the third Overwatch 2 season, which includes a dating sim to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Loverwatch, as it's called, is a thirty minute non-canon text-based dating sim that allows players to date either Mercy or Genji, assisted by Cupid (Hanzo). A secret ending rewards players with a themed POTG Highlight.

Launching on 13th February, it will be available via web client only until 28th February.

Season 3 Trailer | Overwatch 2Watch on YouTube

From the 14th February until 28th February, the Ultimate Valentine's Event will run with a special Hanzo 4v4 Limited Time Mode and Support-themed challenges to earn two epic skins and other rewards.

The season will include a number of other additions.

Control will receive its first new map: Antarctica. The snow-themed map is described as "a lore-rich tundra with several stories yet to be told".

However, Asian Mythology is the theme of the third season overall, with new themed skins such as the Amaterasu Kiriko Mythic skin inspired by multiple deities in Japanese mythology.

In fact, the season will rewards players more frequently for simply logging in and playing. There will be ten additional tiers of rewards on the free track, plus 1500 credits to earn, as well as 500 credits in the premium track. Almost all Epic and Legendary event hero skins from the original game have been added to the Hero Gallery.

A collaboration with One-Punch Man will take place from 7th March until 6th April, including themed skins and cosmetics. Also, PachiMarchi will return from 21st March until 4th April with a new limited-time Kill Confirmed game mode.

Lastly, various balance and quality of life changes will be made. Most significantly, Mercy is being nerfed.

Another interesting new feature is streamer mode, which will hide your Battletag and those of everyone in matches in order to protect streamers and their community while playing live.

Lastly, subtitle options have been expanded in the accessibility options.

For full details on season three, visit the Overwatch blog.