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Only epics should cost 40 quid - Charles Cecil

Stuff like Gears. Not Katamari.

Revolution Software's Charles Cecil reckons games should move away from the one-size-fits-all approach because it's getting in the way of sales.

"Gears of Wars was clearly a blockbuster, people are happy to pay GBP 40 for that and feel it's good value," he told our sister site in an interview published today.

"But then we have all these smaller games like Katamari Damacy that get very well reviewed and perceived very fondly by people within the industry, but don't sell to a wider audience. My view on that is you can only sell something for GBP 40 if it's truly epic."

"We've got to find different models where we have the epic games on one side and the more 'indie' games on the other," he added.

Cecil says he's currently working on projects based on Revolution's existing IP - the company owns Broken Sword and Beneath A Steel Sky IP - but isn't prepared to talk about details or potential sales models yet.

Episodic might be off the table though, because while he's "really interested" in how Telltale Games does with Sam & Max, "the jury is still out" as far as his own efforts are concerned.

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