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One Piece Musou a PS3 exclusive

Namco Bandai x Tecmo Koei revealed.

The Namco Bandai x Tecmo Koei crossover teased earlier this week is a PlayStation 3 exclusive called One Piece Musou.

It combines Namco Bandai's One Piece role-playing and fighting game franchise with Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors/Musou franchise.

According to Japanese magazine Jump (translated by Andriasang), One Piece Musou is a Musou-like action game. A video will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show in the middle of September.

One Piece games are rarely seen outside of Japan, but Tecmo Koei has been proactive in recent years in bringing the Dynasty Warriors games to the West.

Simon Parkin reviewed Dynasty Warriors 7 for Eurogamer in April, awarding it 7/10.

"With the minute-to-minute play cycle of Dynasty Warriors so fully developed already, it's a disappointment to find very little refinement to long-view progression," he wrote. "Dynasty Warriors 7 may be a bulky proposition, but for all the overwhelming scale, it doesn't offer much of a journey."