Dynasty Warriors 7


One Piece Musou a PS3 exclusive

Namco Bandai x Tecmo Koei revealed.

Tecmo plans Project Café launch titles

Plus, announces 415% profit surge.

Review | Dynasty Warriors 7

Death by a thousand cuts.

One Piece Musou a PS3 exclusive

Namco Bandai x Tecmo Koei revealed.

Tecmo plans Project Café launch titles

Plus, announces 415% profit surge.

Review | Dynasty Warriors 7

Death by a thousand cuts.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 30

SHIFT 2, LEGO Clone Wars, Top Spin 4, Red Faction: Battlegrounds, MotoGP 10/11.

Digital Foundry | Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3/360 Face-Off

It's not just the game's setting that is ancient...

Digital Foundry | Dynasty Warriors 7 2D 360/PS3 Performance

Standard 720p mode put through its paces on both platforms.

Out This Week - 08/04/2011

Duke Nukem! Dynasty Warriors 7!

Dynasty Warriors 7 screens splurged

Tecmo files their axe return.

Dynasty Warriors 7 screens splurged

Koei unloads huge batch of new shots.

Dynasty Warriors 7 announced

As a PS3 exclusive.