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Offspring and others for Rock Band

"All Right Now" in there, too.

Harmonix and MTV have added more downloadable songs for Rock Band, lead by spiky-haired Californian punk rock group The Offspring.

Its songs "Self Esteem", "Gone Away" and "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" will be available as a pack for 440 Microsoft Points (GBP 3.74 / EUR 5.28). Each can also be bought separately for 160 Microsoft Points (GBP 1.36 / EUR 1.92).

There's other tracks to buy, too. Top of the list is "All Right Now" by Free. That costs 160 Microsoft Points (GBP 1.36 / EUR 1.92), as do all the others: "Stop!" by Against Me, "Push It" by Static-X, "Nearly Lost You" by Screaming Trees, and "Cream and Bastards Rise" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

We expect these to show up on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.