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Oceanic survival game Raft now has an epic VR mod that will certainly float your boat

That's a paddlin'.

Getting lost a sea just got a whole lot scarier thanks to a new flatscreen to VR mod for oceanic survival game Raft. Made by talented modder DrBibop, who is previously known for his Risk of Rain 2 VR mod, Raft VR brings the game's open waters to life in a spectacular way.

Along with 6DoF movement and comfort options for things like seated or standing play, the mod also brings minor motion controls to the game as well. This means you won't be able to interact with most objects physically (using items is confined to a button press), but you will be able to use your actual arms to throw your salvage hook out into the ocean and hopefully towards some useful scrap.

If you want to watch me indulge in some expert tossing, you can do so in this week's episode of VR Corner, which you can find just below these words.

What struck me initially about this mod was how it made the experience of being lost at sea way scarier than it was in flat. Perhaps it's the way the ocean stretches out into the distance so you can now really feel the isolating loneliness. Or maybe it's the way that you can sense the terrifying depths of the endless waters below you.

It's probably a bit of both of those things to be fair, but mainly (for me at least) it's because the sharks are now bloody massive and seeing them rocketting towards you from out of the gloomy waters will fill your chest with primordeal fear.

The mod itself is only in the beta testing phase at the moment but it already runs really well. There's a few quality of life improvements to be made here and there, and I go into those in the video above, but all in all it's pretty shipshape already.

Ian is shocked by a surprise whale
You really need to see this moment in action in my video to get a sense of how epic this moment of surprise whale action was. | Image credit: You really need to watch the video to see how epic this moment was.

As previously mentioned, there are limited motion controls in the mod so don't expect to be crafting items by hand. You can however use them to do things like throw your hook, paddle your boat and stab at any unruly creatures that come your way. These things can take a bit of getting used to but, once they click, it ups the immersion massively.

If you'd like to try out DrBibop's Raft VR mod for yourself, you can grab the beta version now from his Patreon page for the price of one month's membership. If you can wait a little bit longer though, DrBibop will be releasing the mod for free, once it's finally finished. Oh, and it also works in multiplayer too, which will come in handy if you end up getting eaten by sharks as much as I did.

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