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Obsidian's Project Eternity going DRM-free on GOG

New reward tiers announced. Purchase three copies for another $60.

Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming crowdsourced isometric RPG Project Eternity is going to be DRM-free on GOG.com, the developer has announced.

The Kickstarter update noted that backers who pledged at least $25 will be able to choose whether they'd like a key to the already announced Steam version or the DRM-free version on GOG.

Obsidian is still working out a way to deliver the DRM-free version on Mac, as GOG only supports PC, but it's got awhile to figure it out as the game isn't due until spring 2014.

Also new to the campaign are $50 and $80 digital tiers. The former nets backers a digital version of the game, soundtrack, digital Collector's Book, wallpapers, concept art, a map, and ringtones. The latter includes all that plus a digital copy of the strategy guide and another download key for the game.

Elsewhere, Obsidian announced that backers can purchase an additional digital download of the game by pledging another $25, or get three more for $60.

This is done by hitting the Manage Your Pledge button on the Kickstarter page where it shows the reward tier you previously selected with the amount written on top. Enter the dollar amount you'd like to add to acquire the add-ons.

Finally, Obsidian decided to reward those who pledged $140 for the Collector's Edition Box Level with beta access to the game.

The Kickstarter has currently surpassed its $1.1 million goal with $1,653,025 with another 27 days to go.

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