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Obsidian's new Grounded update readies the garden for Halloween

Pumpkin patch.

Grounded, the light-hearted Honey I Shrunk the Kids-style survival game from Obsidian, is rolling out a big Halloween update today around 6pm UK time.

Download it and you'll get new building items, decorations and bug fixes (by which we mean... literal fixes for bugs).

Grounded's garden gets a new world landmark, Frankenline, a creepy discarded Etch-a-Sketch you can actually draw on, a Jack-o-Lantern and edible candy corn you can forage. The map's Hedge area has also been reworked.

You can now build ziplines using spider silk to speed about quicker. You'll also now need to keep an eye out for sticky spider webs, which can ensnare both you and other creatures. This sounds like something you could turn into a trap?

Dozens of more minor changes are listed in the update's lengthy patch notes. Ants will "now have a desire to take back their stolen eggs", Obsidian warns.

As for bug fixes, there are improvements to buildings to stop them becoming out of position, or broken if built on an unsupported base. I like the line which notes "ants will no longer spawn in excessively large quantities". This is usually a good thing.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Grounded Multiplayer - BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD, B-BIRD'S THE WORD

Grounded is still very much in early access development, but quickly clocked up a million curious players within 48 hours - seemingly taking Obsidian a little by surprise. Monthly content updates are now being released as the game grows, with a big scary bird and water fleas arriving for the start of September.

Upcoming updates in the next few months will add a koi pond area and water-themed equipment, mosquitos, bees, base decorations, friend invites and password protected games.

Further down the line, expect the first full act of the game's story, more creatures, pets, and weather.