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Obsidian's garden survival adventure Grounded leaves early access this September

Will be full of bugs.

If you've been patiently waiting for developer Obsidian's enjoyable garden survival adventure Grounded to wrap up early access and get its full release, your time is almost near: Microsoft has confirmed it'll be doing just that this September.

Grounded has been available in early access for PC and Xbox since July 2020, miniaturising players - in true Honey, I Shrunk the Kids fashion - down to bug height and sending them off on an 80s-themed survival adventure through an ordinary backyard.

There's building, crafting, spiders the size of trucks (at least from your miniaturised perspective), and a whole lot more to experience as you - along with a couple of friends if you like - fight to find a way to return to human size.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrounded – Full Release Announcement Trailer - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022
Grounded – Full Release Announcement Trailer.

Obsidian has been building on Grounded's already enjoyable framework throughout early access - adding new creatures, biomes, and a host of new features - and those development efforts are now confirmed to be culminating in a version 1.0 release this September.

This launch version will introduce a full campaign - playable either solo or co-operatively - new armour recipes, new weapons, a giant Mantis, and more when it arrives on Xbox and PC.