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Obsidian renames Project Eternity, releases a proper video

Behold Pillars of Eternity.

The working title of Project Eternity has gone; from here on out, Obsidian's Kickstarted role-playing game will be known as Pillars of Eternity.

With the name change comes a first proper teaser video for the game. A montage of gameplay clips shows heroes exploring caves, ruins and temples, and fighting against rat people, giant spiders and evil humans. Spells are flung and steel is clashed.

The release date is simply 2014, on PC (Windows, Linux) and Mac.

Watch on YouTube

Obsidian has also unveiled its backer portal for those who helped fund Eternity. Through it you can claim the rewards your donation made you eligible for.

Oh, and Obsidian would also like to know one further thing: would you be interested in new stretch goals to fund additional development? "If not, no worries," the developer wrote, "we're still going to deliver on everything you've backed. Please let us know your thoughts ... on our forums."

A piece of Eternity art.

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