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Obscure: The Aftermath coming to PSP

High School Musical meets survival horror.

The second instalment in the Obscure survival horror series is on the way to PSP.

Obscure: The Aftermath follows the adventures of those who survived the Leafmore High disaster. Now students at Fallcreek University, they're trying to forget all about those nasty homicidal monsters.

But then black flowers start appearing all over campus. Turns out they can cause strange dreams, and next thing you know it's all gone wrong and those stains will never come out.

The game features six individual characters, all with unique skills. There's a co-op mode so a second player can join in at any time, and controls have been "fully optimised" for the PSP.

Obscure: The Aftermath is already available for PC, PS2 and Wii - read our review for the full lowdown. The PSP version is due to hit North America this September, with a European date still to be announced.