Obscure II

Obscure II

Obscure II

Smells like teen spirits.

There was a time when gamers with a fetish for horror could enjoy a new blood splattered title every few months. Think back two or three years and we were pretty much spoiled for choice, with two new Silent Hill games in quick succession, three Project Zero games released in just over three years, a fantastic Resident Evil renaissance, and a ton of other interesting titles vying for attention.

And it's in among the likes of Haunting Ground, Forbidden Siren, Clock Tower 3, Cold Fear, Call of Cthulhu and Condemned that you might find Hydravision's forgotten gem Obscure. Released by Ubisoft on PS2, Xbox and PC way back in 2004, it was a pretty decent stab at applying the teen horror movie formula to a gaming context. Complete with drop-in-drop-out co-op play and light-based combat, it made a pleasant change to play a Western horror game for once, after all the super-serious, arty Asian horror we'd been immersed in for years. But with a title that positively screamed 'self-fulfilling prophecy', the game slipped under the radar completely. We certainly weren't expecting a sequel.

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Obscure II unveiled

Playlogic snaffles up rights.

Somewhere just outside of our field of vision is Playlogic's fresh announcement that it's snaffled up the rights to publish Obscure II.