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Obscure II unveiled

Playlogic snaffles up rights.

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Somewhere just outside of our field of vision is Playlogic's fresh announcement that it's snaffled up the rights to publish Obscure II.

It's the sequel to the 2004 survival-horror game from French studio Hydravision, and will be available on PC and PS2 in the third quarter of 2007, followed in Q4 by a version for Wii.

The story is set two years after the events of the first game, which saw an American high school become overrun by grizzly monsters. Since then everybody's tried to go back to a normal college life, but things soon begin to take another turn for the worse - with blame resting on the stem-like shoulders of a beautiful but bizarre plant.

Just like in the original, there will be the chance to explore with an AI-controlled sidekick, or have a friend jump in and join you co-operatively at any time - choosing from a selection of six characters and swapping between them whenever you like.

The gameplay will also be similar, with strong emphasis on the use of light to survive the nasty beasties' bites.

"Obscure II displays refined talent in every aspect, from high attention to visual details and optimized control schemes; and a dense and intense in-game atmosphere," said a chuffed Dominique Morel, CTO of Playlogic. "It is a thrilling and unique game with polished game features; an incredible experience."

We found the original to be slightly off-pace with the best in the genre, but a decent package nonetheless. Head over to our Obscure review to find out more.

Alternatively head over to our Obscure II gallery for a look at the latest screenshots.

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