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Oblivion 'not possible' on Wii

But Bethesda's keen on the kit.

Bethesda's Pete Hines has admitted that it's "not possible" to port Oblivion over to Nintendo Wii, but he's in no rush to rule out a Bethesda Wii game for the future.

"It's a great console and many of us at Bethesda have one but I know that bringing Oblivion over is not possible - we'd have to do a whole new game," Hines told our sister-site in an interview published today.

That obviously doesn't mean they are doing "a whole new game", but Hines is candid about where things sit. "It's something we've talked about, but I don't think you could say we're considering it," he said of the prospect of a Wii title. "It's not in our immediate future - maybe something we'll look at somewhere down the road."

In the meantime of course there's the PS3 version of Oblivion to look forward to (delayed until 27th April, mind you) and the forthcoming release of PC and Xbox 360 expansion Shivering Isles, which has been receiving warm write-ups.

Hines was keen to talk about that, naturally, telling fans to expect "new content, new experiences, new stuff that's different from anything players have done in Oblivion". You can read more of what he had to say - including a defence of the developer's infamous "horse armour" downloadable content - in the full interview on today.