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No Ubi DRM system for PC R.U.S.E.

It'll use Steamworks API instead.

Ubisoft has announced plans to abandon its proprietary digital rights management system for the PC version of R.U.S.E.

"When R.U.S.E. is released in September, it will benefit from Valve's Steamworks API to offer the best community experience to players," reads a message on the Ubi forums.

"Consequently, a Steam account and Internet connection will be required to activate the game, as per Steam policy. For this reason, R.U.S.E. will not use the Ubisoft protection. Single player can be played offline."

Ubi's DRM system requires players to be online all the time. This led to complaints from consumers, an apparent attack on servers and further problems for players of The Settlers 7.

The company has not confirmed whether the system will be in place for other Ubi PC titles in the future.