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No Resi 5 until 2008

Financial results spill guts.

A review of Capcom Japan's bank vaults has uncovered news that Resident Evil 5 won't be released this year.

The game was mysteriously missing from this financial year's line-up, meaning we won't see it before April 2008. Instead the publisher will rely on strong sales from Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 4 and The Umbrella Chronicles for Wii, and Devil Kings 2 Heroes.

Capcom also pledged its renewed efforts to strengthen movie and cartoon tie-ins, and expects the Mega Man series to pull in crowds.

Unfortunately Capcom Europe is still waiting for confirmation about Resident Evil 5, and wasn't able to comment.

But those of you who like commenting on things will be pleased to know the PC, Wii and Xbox 360 will be treated to six titles this financial year, while the PS3 will trail behind with five.

Go and see for yourself over on the exciting business site of Capcom Japan.

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Resident Evil 5

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