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No Man's Sky's PC settings revealed

Turn off the HUD! Swap button layouts! Adjust field of view!

No Man's Sky will be out on PC in about an hour and its expanded settings options have been revealed via Nvidia.

Unlike the PS4 version, No Man's Sky on PC will let players remove the HUD - a very useful feature for capturing screenshots and something sorely missing from the game's current PS4 release.

Further options for would-be photographers is the ability to change the game's fairly limited field of view, both on foot and in your ship. The PS4 version has caught some criticism over its lack of peripheral vision.

Beyond that, graphics settings include options for various resolutions - going up to 4k - and the ability to disable V-Sync to run the game as fast as your GPU, CPU and monitor will allow.

More granular options include Anisotropic Filtering, Anti-Aliasing, Reflection Quality, Shadow Detail, Texture Detail, and Generation Detail - which affects the image quality of randomly-generated terrain and objects.

Outside of graphics settings, another much requested option is the ability to remap the controls. The PS4 version has received a lot of backlash over its weird decision to map sprinting to clicking the right analogue stick (R3), when in almost every other first-person game this maneuver is mapped to doing the same with the left stick (which in this case scans the environments for nearby materials and points of interest).

Digital Foundry will offer a deeper dive comparing No Man's Sky's PC version to its PS4 counterpart later on, but in the meantime please enjoy these 4k promo pics for Hello Games' ambitious space odyssey on PC:

It's unclear if 'HUD' also include the ship cockpit, but this screenshot suggests that it does.

For more on No Man's Sky, our Oli Welsh just recommended it in his review. Should you be picking the game up this weekend and need a helping hand exploring the cosmos, check out our No Man's Sky guide.