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No Man's Sky now has motorbikes

Keeping it wheel.

Hello Games has just released a new update for its wunderlust-y space adventure No Man's Sky - and it introduces, among a variety of other delights, motorbikes.

No Man's Sky's new two-wheeled addition - the "rugged, fast-moving" Pilgrim - is a wonderfully chunky, retro-futuristic thing, but to get one you'll first need to purchase the relevant Geobay blueprint from the Blueprint Analyser.

The fun doesn't stop there, however; as part of a newly expanded range of options that cover all exocraft types, you can now use new technologies to tweak the handling of your Pilgrim - and indeed all other vehicles - until you find a mix of grip or drift levels that suit your preferred driving style. A variety of new upgrades are also available from the Exocraft Technician.

Additionally, Hello Games has dramatically increased the number of aesthetic customisation options available on exocraft. Individual vehicle parts can now be fully colourised, for instance, and there are tools to add decals or adjust boost flame hues.

Elsewhere, Hello Games says that multiplayer racing has been fixed, inventory sizes have been increased, and summoning has been made easier. In the latter case, you're now only required to build a single Geobay and then, provided you've constructed a new Exocraft Summoning Station, can summon rides at unlimited range on any planet.

All these changes and additions are part of No Man's Sky's 1.63 update, now available on all platforms, and full patch notes can be found on the game's official news page. Hello Games says that its next update will bring new research missions and focus on introducing "high priority quality of life improvements throughout the game".

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