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No Man's Sky is getting VR support this summer in big free Beyond update

Confirmed for PC and PSVR.

Hello Games has revealed that its exploratory sci-fi sim No Man's Sky will be getting VR support this summer as part of its previously announced Beyond update.

Beyond is No Man's Sky seventh major update since its launch in 2016 (following on from Foundation, Path Finder, Atlas Rises, Next, The Abyss, and Visions), and is described as the "most ambitious chapter so far".

When Hello Games unveiled Beyond earlier this month, it explained that it consisted of three major updates that the studio originally planned to release separately. The first of these components, now included as part of the free Beyond update , is "a radical new social and multiplayer experience" known as No Man's Sky Online.

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Beyond's second strand, we now know, will enable brave adventurers to explore No Man's Sky's procedurally generated universe via PSVR and Steam VR on PC. And, to be clear, VR support isn't limited to a cordoned-off mode but is instead applied to the entire game.

"I guess it's not a huge surprise, but all of the team here is in love with everything sci-fi," said Hello Games' Sean Murray. "Virtual reality feels like a little science fiction become real, and has always seemed like a perfect fit for this futuristic game of ours."

No Man's Sky's free Beyond update is currently scheduled to launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 some time this summer.

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