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No Man's Sky has a game-breaking exploit which is letting users farm rarest items

And speed to the ending.

No Man's Sky has a huge exploit which is letting users farm the game's rarest items.

The method, detailed below, allows people nab valuable resources such as Atlas Stones again and again.

Due to the resource-driven nature of the game - where some items require many steps to create - this exploit is allowing users to create enough high-level items that the secretive No Man's Sky ending quickly comes into view.

Testing it out for Eurogamer, our Ian Higton managed to get five Atlas Stones in around half an hour - a process which would otherwise take at least 10 times that.

This method of short-cutting to the ending is reminiscent of how an early players reached the game's ending in record time before the No Man's Sky day one patch. It looks like another patch will be needed quickly to block this exploit too.

Details of the exploit lay below - look away now if you do not wish to read.

Upon death in your ship, No Man's Sky allows you to claim back your ship's inventory from your grave marker. But by reloading a previous save you can get your inventory back plus access to the grave as well, doubling whatever you had at the time.

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The items you wish to duplicate need to be in the ship's inventory, and you'll need free slots to pick them up, but - in theory - if you had 10 Atlas Stones in there you will instantly get 10 more.

You can see more on how exactly to use No Man's Sky's exploit to get infinite Warp Cells, Atlas Stones and other rare resources with our walkthrough of the process here. Otherwise, if you're playing No Man's Sky and don't want to use this exploit - Eurogamer has the complete guide to helping you get started.