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No GfW for Unreal Tournament 3

Mark Rein rules it out.

Unreal Tournament 3 won't be using Games for Windows LIVE, the Xbox Live-style service Microsoft rolled out with Windows Vista.

That's according to Epic Games' Mark Rein, who was responding to questions on the game's official forum (picked up on by Wired).

"UT3 does not use Games for Windows LIVE," he confirmed. "We have not decided about cross-platform play between PC and PS3."

"We're not 100 percent sure that users want that feature, but if we get time we'll play around with it and see how it works.

"In the meantime we plan to be able to serve the PS3 from PC servers so that should help us gets lots of great servers going."

Unreal Tournament 3 is a PlayStation 3 and PC "exclusive" for 2007, with an Xbox 360 version due to be released in 2008.

It's a continuation of Epic's always-enjoyable Unreal multiplayer series, which has been through several iterations despite the "3" tag, and offers a range of team-based modes stuffed with vehicles and interesting equipment, including a rather smashing sort of trifle-based man-trap that we'll be giggling about in our upcoming preview. Watch out for that.