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Nintendo's classic Switch controllers compatible with Apple devices

How snezzy.

Nintendo's classic Switch controllers are now compatible with Apple devices.

Apple's iOS 16 already brought compatibility with Nintendo's Switch Pro controller and Joy-Con.

Now, with its 16.1 update, the four classic controllers can also be used: the NES, SNES, Mega Drive, and N64 controllers.

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This compatibility isn't included in Apple's patch notes, but was instead discovered by Twitter user Steve Troughton-Smith, as Mac Stories reported (via IGN).

The news means that all Switch controllers can now be paired with Apple devices, though you may struggle to find the classic controllers. They're available on Nintendo's online store but are frequently out of stock.

The Joy-Con are also supported by Steam, as per an update in August.

Apple will also soon be forced to adopt a single charging cable for its devices under new EU regulations.

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