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Nintendo Switch is getting one of 2016's best multiplayer games

Ultimate Chicken Horse also coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Four-player competitive DIY platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in Q3 2017, developer Clever Endeavour Games has revealed to Eurogamer.

For the uninitiated, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a 2D game where up to four players place platforms, traps, and other generally hazardous objects into a scene then see who among them can still make it to the finish line. After each round more player-set traps are added with the idea being to make the stage hard enough that your rivals can't complete it, yet easy enough that you can.

Basically it's a tonne of fun and made my personal top five from last year, single-handedly giving it a spot on the Eurogamer Top 50 of 2016 list. Now you know who to blame (or thank).

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The console edition of Ultimate Chicken Horse will introduce a new extension to Free Play mode that allows players to create their own levels from scratch rather than simply place objects into existing terrain.

This new mode will also be added to the PC version for free upon the release of the console editions.

For more on Ultimate Chicken Horse, you can read my full impressions from its nearly final beta build.

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