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Nintendo doing more Mario & Luigi for DS

And a pedometer, among other things.

Nintendo unveiled a third Mario & Luigi RPG yesterday, during a showreel of upcoming DS titles. (We did write about this at the time, but apparently there was "a technical hitch" and you never got to read the item. Everyone responsible has been framed for murder.)

The game will sit on Japanese shelves sometime next year, and looks much the same as the acclaimed Partners in Time: lots of cartoony escapades involving kicking shells at baddies in turn-based battles. Looks like Bowser's involved again too.

The showreel also featured plenty of other DS treats, including a game called Know by Walking: Life Rhythm DS, which makes use of a special pedometer peripheral.

On top of that are a brand new Professor Layton and Harvest Moon, plus plenty of role-playing excursions.

The full list of games shown (in order) follows, courtesy of NeoGAF, with Japanese dates added where applicable. This is best viewed side-by-side with the conference showreel.


  • Self-indulgent Fashion: Girls' Mode (Nintendo) - 23rd October
  • Know by Walking: Life Rhythm DS (Nintendo) - 1st November
  • Kirby: Ultra Super Stars (Nintendo) - 6th November
  • World Food: Talk! DS Food Navi (Nintendo) 4th December
  • Power Pro-kun Pocket 11 (Konami) - 4th December
  • Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace/Red Joker (Capcom) - 13th November
  • Valkyrie Profile (Square Enix) - 1st November
  • Chrono Trigger (Square Enix) - 20th November
  • Chocobo and the Magical Picture Book: The Witch, the Girl, and the 5 Warriors (Square Enix) - 11th December
  • Mysterious Dungeon: Fuuren no Shiren DS 2 (SEGA) - 13th November
  • Let's Make a Soccer Team DS: Touch and Direct (SEGA) - 27th November
  • Phantasy Star Zero (SEGA) - 25th December (er what?)
  • Wind of Nostalgeo (Tecmo) - 6th November
  • DS Nishimura Kyotarou Suspense Detective Series 2 (Tecmo) - 13th November
  • Momotarou Dentetsu 20th Anniversary (Hudson) - 18th December
  • Tamagotchi's Sparkling Shop (Namco Bandai) - 27th November
  • Tales of Hearts: Anime Movie Edition/CG Movie Edition (Namco Bandai) - 11th December
  • Harvest Moon: Welcome to the Wind's Bazaar (Marvelous) - 18th December
  • Avalon Code (Marvelous) - 1st November
  • Prof. Layton and the Last Time Travel (Level 5) - 27th November


  • DS Fortune-Telling Life (Nintendo) - 2009
  • Friend Collection (Nintendo) - 2009
  • Mario & Luigi 3 (Nintendo) - 2009
  • Made in Me (Wario Ware) (Nintendo) - 2009
  • Solid Body Picross (Nintendo) - 2009
  • Gyakuten Kenji (Capcom) 2009
  • FFCC: Echoes of Time (Square Enix) - 29th January
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (Square Enix) - winter 2008-2009
  • Shining Force Feather (SEGA) - spring
  • Seventh Dragon (SEGA) - spring
  • Infinite Space (SEGA) - spring
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