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Next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion is Knights of the Eternal Throne

Due when the game turns five years old this autumn.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will expand again this autumn with the release of Knights of the Eternal Throne (the acronym KOTET is catchier, particularly when paired with "SWOTOR", which is how SWTOR tends to be pronounced - sounds a bit like an alien Star Wars language when you say it altogether out loud).

There's not much expansion detail but "more of BioWare's cinematic storytelling" was mentioned in the blurb, which makes it sound similar in tone (and title) to previous expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, which our review praised. The expansion blurb mentioned "exciting new game features" too.

In preparation for the expansion there's a free-trial for Chapter 1 of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

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The release of SWOTR Knights of the Eternal Throne will coincide with the game's fifth anniversary this autumn (SWTOR was originally released 20th December 2011), so there should be plenty of activity surrounding it.

In those five years, 87 million characters have been created, roughly half on the Galactic Republic side and half on the Sith Empire side, although the baddies edge it marginally - woohoo! Unsurprisingly the most popular character classes are the Jedi and Sith variants - Jedi Knights particularly. The SWTOR infographic has more stats if you want them.

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