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GDC: Next Layton in Europe within months

Level-5 wants to bring entire series across.

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Developer Level-5 is busy localising the second Professor Layton DS adventure for North America and Europe, and boss Akihiro Hino hopes to release within six months.

He also told a GDC audience he wants every other Professor Layton game to head West, according to MTV Multiplayer).

That will include all three Japan-released instalments - The Curious Village, The Diabolical Box, The Final Time Journey - plus the upcoming fourth game, The Devil's Flute.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (aka the Devil's Box, Pandora's Box, the Demon's Box - we're checking the official title) rejoins the titular professor and young apprentice Luke as they journey to see Layton's mentor about a mysterious box.

Japan has been playing this second instalment since November 2007, and the game has proven to be every bit as special as the Curious Village.

Head over to our Professor Layton and the Curious Village review for our joyous thoughts.

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