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Wii U Professor Layton ports possible

Tablet controller enables it, says Level-5.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Level-5 is considering porting Professor Layton games to the Wii U.

President and CEO Akihiro Hino said it was the Wii U's touch-based, tablet-style controller that makes the popular puzzle series a perfect fit for Nintendo's next home console.

Japanese blog Sokuho@Hokanko (translated by Andriasang) rounds up comments made by a number of Japanese developers in magazine Famitsu.

Hino said because stylus-based games like Professor Layton can now be played, Level-5 can consider ports.

Professor Layton has so far remained a Nintendo DS and, more recently, a Nintendo 3DS series.

The Wii U is due out late 2012.

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