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City of Villains opens gates


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City of Villains launches in Europe today. NCsoft's second City Of runs in parallel to Heroes, and a single subscription will now cover both games - good news for people who like to play both ends.

Venture to the shops and you should find a regular edition and a chunkier Collector's Edition. With that you get a DVD version of the game including a special serial code unlocking an exclusive Arachnos emblem for use on capes and chests, seven HeroClix figures, an artbook, a City of Heroes collector card from the Collectible Card Game, a map of the rogue isles, and two 14-day trial codes for City of Heroes. Although a single subscription fee covers both games, you'll have to buy both boxed versions to play both, if that makes sense (it does).

Stick with us and you'll find out what we think of City of Villains in due course.

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