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KOTOR, Battlefront to return

Lucas not giving up on Star Wars.

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LucasArts plans to return to Knights of the Old Republic and Battlefront in the future, according to marketing VP Nancy MacIntyre.

"[LucasArts has] Star Wars franchises like Knights of the Old Republic and Battlefront that we will not leave behind. It's very important to us that we grow those franchises," MacIntyre told

But the publisher isn't going to rush things, she explained. "We feel like it's really important to make each Star Wars game an event. Our fans want a logical progression of the Star Wars storyline, so we are committed to only two Star Wars experiences a year."

So next year, for example, will see "Star Wars '07" (the one trailed recently in tech demo form), "add-ons" for the Star Wars Galaxies massively-multiplayer game, "and you will likely see us do some sort of Star Wars handheld game".

And what with Star Wars television being planned by Lucas himself, there's the promise of more. "I would say that if there's Star Wars television programming out there that we'll have games," MacIntyre concludes.

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