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Sakaguchi talks future plans

He's got another project.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has announced that his new Xbox 360 titles, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, are coming along very nicely, thank you - and will be in the shops next year.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine, Sakaguchi also revealed that he has another project in the pipeline, although he declined to disclose any details as it hasn't been officially announced yet.

Still, the good news is that a playable demo of Lost Odyssey will be released some time after E3 2006, which takes place in May. The demo will include the game's first cut-scene and opening scenario.

As for Mistwalker's other 360 RPG, Blue Dragon, which is based on the designs of Dragon Ball Z veteran Akira Toriyama, Sakaguchi said they're steering clear of the cartoony, cel-shaded graphics you might expect.

Apparently a new rendering style, which is not unlike claymation, is being used instead. We're promised expect realistic lighting effects and real-time motion blur, too.

According to Famitsu, Blue Dragon is around 40 per cent complete. Sakaguchi confirmed that the game will be released next year, with Lost Odyssey following soon after.