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Eidos unveils new titles

Including TR re-release for PSP!

Following the recent acquisition of Eidos, SCi has issued a financial report which reveals some rather interesting news regarding its release schedule.

The report shows that sequels for both Total Overdose and Conflict Global Storm are planned for PC, PS2 and Xbox 360, too. Highlander will also get an outing on 360, while fellow movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs will make an appearance on the current-gen Xbox plus PC and PS2 only.

Championship Manager 6 is down for a PC, PS2 and Xbox release, and the report confirms that Tomb Raider: Legend is being developed for all of the above plus 360 and PSP.

And - this is our favourite bit - Croft fans are in for another treat following the revelation that the PSP is also getting something called Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition. Lara for teh w1n!

Oh, and there's more - Carmageddon is still on the schedule and down for PC, PS2 and Xbox. We thought it had bitten the dust. Presumably somebody else stepped up to make it...

So when can we expect to see these new titles then? Well, the report states that "[SCi's] first next generation titles will be based around existing franchises" - so expect Championship Manager and Tomb Raider Legend first, in other words.

"We do not plan to launch next generation versions of the majority of our titles until at least one year after the release of the new hardware." Long wait for the rest of 'em, then.

By the way, SCi reckons the PS3 will launch in "late 2006", and is planning its release schedule accordingly. And if you're interested in the actual financial results, in the nine months running up to June 30 2005 SCi made a loss of £14 million.

Which might sound like a lot, but analysts reckoned they'd be looking at more like £15.1m, so you know.

Eidos has made £1.6 million in profit since it was taken over by SCi, thanks to sales of Championship Manager and Lego Star Wars. Good for them.

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