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Naughty Dog PS3 game 'real'

Trailer done in-engine apparently.

Naughty Dog's rejected suggestions that the remarkably detailed trailer of its new PS3 game shown off during Sony's E3 conference was target footage or any other kind of pre-rendered fake.

"The entire trailer was rendered in real-time using our PS3 game engine," the developer's Evan Wells told IGN. Along with Eight Days and The Getaway, Naughty Dog's met with a great deal of speculation over its legitimacy. "All of the models, textures, shaders and effects are in-game," Wells added.

That doesn't mean it wasn't sped up or anything like that, if we're going to nitpick - but it's still a far cry from the pie-in-the-sky target footage ideology that undermined Sony's 2005 conference.

Speaking of "far cries", Wells goes on to confirm that the game takes place primarily in a jungle island setting, offering variation within that obviously, and is "a third-person action adventure with heavily story-based gameplay".

So we can expect a mixture of two-fisted brawling, gunplay, puzzle solving and getting around Prince of Persia style. Speaking of which agaaain, "We're actually hired the designer behind the camera of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time to head up our camera efforts," says Wells of the studio's desire to get it shot well.

Naughty Dog isn't talking about when the game's due out, and they're "working on" a name, apparently, but we do know that the game's already been in development for one and a half years in some shape or form. Wells also had some thoughts on the animation - one of the most impressive bits of the E3 trailer.

"Animation has been a huge focus for us in terms of where we've been spending our development resources and is really something that we think will set next-generation games apart from current-gen." That and the fact they all cost more, Evan.