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MS launches £10k Xbox challenge

For students. That'll pay for tuition, right?

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British Students! Depressed about Uncle Tone's top-up fees? Feeling poor? Want a £10,000 cheque for a day out in Manchester playing videogames? Yeah, me too, but for some reason this one's entirely at your pleasure, as Microsoft kicks off its nationwide search for the UK's ultimate student Xbox gamer.

Starting this week, regional heat events will see students congregating on 30 Scream-brand pubs up and down the land, where gamers will be faced with a fastest lap competition on Xbox Live enabled Project Gotham Racing 2. Scream operates 30 pubs with Xbox Live enabled pods already, so all you have to do is turn up, crank some triggers and sticks, neck some booze and scribble your name on a piece of paper.

Regional heat events will run from this evening onward throughout early February, eventually plucking out a number of students skilled enough to compete for the £10,000 cheque in Manchester's grand final this coming March. If that sounds like just the ticket for you, then cast your eyes down the following list of competing cities and pubs, see if you can't find your local (or something vaguely within drunken-staggering distance), and make a date. Good luck!

Regional heats:

  • Aberdeen, Bobbin, Fri 30 Jan
  • Birmingham, Gosta Green, Fri 30 Jan
  • Cambridge, Graduate, Fri 13 Feb
  • Canterbury, Penny Theatre, Mon 9 Feb
  • Cardiff (1), George, Wed 11 Feb
  • Cardiff (2), Woodville, Mon 9 Feb
  • Cheltenham, Pulpit, Mon 16 Feb
  • Coventry, Aardvark, Fri 6 Feb
  • Derby, Friary, Wed 4 Feb
  • Durham, New Inn, Wed 4 Feb
  • Edinburgh, Crags, Thurs 29 Jan
  • Glasgow (1), Curlers, Wed 28 Jan
  • Glasgow (2), Hall, Sat 31 Jan
  • Huddersfield, Warehouse, Monday 2 Feb
  • Hull, Haworth Arms, Tue 3 Feb
  • Lancaster, Friary Mon 9 Feb
  • Leeds, Library, Fri 13 Feb
  • Leicester (1), Loaded Dog, Tue 27 Jan
  • Leicester (2), Soar Point, Tue 3 Feb
  • Lemington Spa, Robbins Well, Sat 31 Jan
  • Liverpool, Hope & Anchor, Thurs 5 Feb
  • London, Rocket, Sun 15 Feb
  • Loughborough, Phantom, Sun 1 Feb
  • Manchester (1), Footage, Thur 12 Feb
  • Manchester (2), Queen of Hearts, Wed 11 Feb
  • Middlesborough, Camels Hump, Sat 7 Feb
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, Hancock, Thurs 5 Feb
  • Nottingham, Horn in Hand, Thurs 29 Jan
  • Oxford, Pub Oxford, Thur 12 Feb
  • Plymouth, Roundabout, Tue 10 Feb
  • Portsmouth, Registry, Wed 11 Feb
  • Preston Adelphi, Sun 8 Feb
  • Reading Pavlov's Dog, Mon 16 Feb
  • Sheffield, Cavendish, Monday 2 Feb
  • Southampton, Avondale, Sat 14 Feb

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