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PS3 arcade classics likely

Just like on Live Arcade.

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Sony expects third party publishers to release old-days arcade games through PlayStation 3's digital download service, just like they do on Xbox Live Arcade.

"Sony's third party publishers will undoubtedly provide updated versions of classic arcade games," says John Hight, director of external development at Sony's Santa Monica studio.

Speaking to Firing Squad about the new service, dubbed "e-Distribution Initiative", Hight also said that, unlike Live Arcade on Xbox 360, Sony wasn't confining developers to 50MB.

"We've arbitrarily set a limit of 500MB to keep download times reasonable," he admitted. "[But] Since we've got plenty of HD space we can accommodate even bigger games and a lot of them."

That's already being seen, with games like Blast Factor and Cash Guns Chaos being sold through the PS3 Store and occupying more than the Live Arcade-standard 50MB of space.

That said, Sony may have hard disk depth on its side, but right now its interface is a bit rudimentary.

While Live Arcade can sort things into categories, launch games automatically, download in the background and even allow you to automatically download demos, the most PS3 can do at the moment is list your downloaded games and demos in the "Game" section of the Cross Media Bar, in one long list.

With several firmware updates likely before PS3 launches in Europe next March, it'll be interesting to see what shape the respective services are in when the first PAL units are installed in people's living rooms.

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