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Resident Evil DS details

It's got two modes, you know.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Famitsu magazine has revealed new details of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, the first instalment in Capcom's classic survival horror series for the Nintendo DS.

The game's main mode is titled Rebirth, and is basically a remake of the very first Resi - complete with touch-screen functionality, and revamped controls that will be familiar to those who've enjoyed some of the later games in the series.

Which means you'll now be able to do a fast 180-degree turn, take out your survival knife and reload without having to deal with a menu screen. You can expect new traps, too, and enemies have been moved around a bit for a new element of surprise.

Classic mode is truer to the PlayStation original - everything from the traps and enemy locations to the control system will be exactly as you remember it, and the stylus won't come into play as a result.

Plus all the event dialogues will be in there, complete with voiceovers and the live action beginning and ending movies.

There are also two wireless multiplayer modes for up to four players - co-operative, where you have to team up to defeat enemies and escape traps, and versus, where the player who kills the most zombies wins. At present there's no word as to whether the game will also let you play online via Nintendo's new Wi-Fi Connection service, but we live in hope.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is out in Japan in January so expect a European release next spring, with a bit of luck.

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