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PD0 bonus content classified

So at least that bit's done.

As you may know by now, Germany's videogames ratings board has published a list of all the Xbox 360 titles it's been testing recently - and notably, Perfect Dark Zero is nowhere to be seen.

But at least Rare has got the bonus content locked down, according to a listing on the British Board of Film Classification website.

It reveals that we can expect 16 minutes' worth of bonus stuff, including vehicles, weapons, characters and weapons guides, plus developer photos and what we'd imagine is a trailer for Rare's other Xbox 360 title, Kameo.

The content was rated all the way back in September, so at least it's done and dusted. But what about the game itself - can we expect to see PD0 on the shelves come 360 launch day? Looks like we'll just have to wait and see... Some more.