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The Sopranos 360 canned

Still on for PS2.

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7 Studios' Xbox 360 take on The Sopranos has been cancelled because there wasn't much difference between it and the PS2 version, publisher THQ said yesterday.

Speaking to analysts and so on during one of those post-financial conference calls, chief financial officer Edward K. Zinser took a breather from talking about points, quarters and amortisation to note that development has been "discontinued".

The PS2 version's still going fine though, and should be out in time for Christmas, he said. It's just that THQ wanted something a bit more distinct for the next-generation version, and the resources just weren't available.

The Sopranos game was announced just before E3, but we still don't know much about it.

What is known is that James Gandolfini will head the voice cast as Tony, and apparently the story's about the illegitimate of "Big Pussy" - a splinter tale collaborated on by show creator David Chase.

The idea is to prove yourself to the big fellows by doing GTA-style jobs - collections, protections, and carrying out orders for all the regulars and in all the regular locations.

Expect to hear more about it in the run-up to release.

The Sopranos TV show was originally planning to tail off with the end of the sixth season this year, but HBO announced last August that it plans to continue with an eight-episode run beginning in January 2007.

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