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Free game for Live sign-ups

Forza, Conker or DOA Ultimate.

Xbox owners who sign up to Xbox Live between now and August 31st will receive one of three games free, Microsoft announced today.

Those three are highly-acclaimed racing title Forza Motorsport, highly-awful platform-shooter Conker: Live & Reloaded, and highly-bouncy beat-'em-up Dead or Alive: Ultimate.

Plus, if you sign up quick-sharp, you might be one of the first 200 who gets all three games for free.

If this sort of thing sounds enticing, just plug your details into the official registration site, purchasing a 12-month Xbox Live Starter Kit and then just "sit back and wait for your goodies to arrive," as Microsoft instructs.

And, Microsoft reminds us all, anybody signed up to Live now "will be able to move seamlessly to Xbox Live on the next-generation Xbox 360, available this Christmas". Assuming the removal of a few hundred quid from your bank account is a seamless thing, you understand.