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FEAR gets mod support

With new modes next month.

FEAR's been patched to version 1.04, mainly to allow people to play mods created with the new SDK released alongside it.

It's all available through the game's official site, and there's a new dedicated server pack for people hosting multiplayer action.

The FEAR site also explains what we can expect from the next patch, 1.05, which is due out at the end of next month - and the main attraction is a pair of new game modes.

Well, we say a pair, but they're quite similar by the sound of it. "Control" sees two teams fighting over three control points, building up points as long as they hold them. So, Domination then. Meanwhile, "Control All" sees two teams fighting over five control points, winning either if they have the most points at the end or control all five at once. So, er, Domination then.

FEAR, released last October, is a mainly single-player first-person shooter splicing slow-motion gunplay with a bit of the old supernatural. We thought it was excellent.

Publisher and rights-holder Vivendi recently announced plans for an Xbox 360 version, while developer Monolith - now owned by Warner Bros Interactive - is working on sequels to the game that will work on a similar level but without the FEAR brand.