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BioWare's next-gen options

Not just developing for 360? Handheld interest too!

BioWare has revealed despite developing games exclusively for PC and Xbox up till now, and confirming support for the 360, it's also considering what the other next-gen consoles have to offer.

Speaking to US website GameSpot, BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka said: "We're actually looking at all the next-gen systems closely - they all look impressive, very interesting and powerful."

There's also a possibility that BioWare will start developing games for handheld systems, too.

"Ray and I are huge handheld fans," said co-CEO Greg Zeschuk. "We spent the entire time on the plane on the way down to LA playing Lumines.

"Can you imagine some of our RPGs on a handheld? All of a sudden, we've got these new handhelds that can actually handle it."

PC owners needn't worry that they'll be forgotten, though. "We certainly want to support our PC audience in the future too," says Muzyka.

"The interesting thing is that with the next generation, [hardware platforms] are evolving together, but they're also staying separate, so we want to make sure we accommodate both audiences and make games that are going to be seen as platform-defining games, no matter what platform they're on."

While the pair confirmed that BioWare currently has two Xbox 360 titles in development, they dismissed rumours that one of those was Dragon Age - described by Muzyka as "the most ambitious PC RPG we've ever done at BioWare."

However, that doesn't mean the game won't get a console port eventually: "It's a franchise we own, so there will be other versions that will be on other platforms."

So when can we expect to see the as yet unnamed 360 titles on the shelves? Well, not necessarily on launch day, according to BioWare.

"Microsoft seems to be really focusing on the launch window, but we'll be able to start talking pretty soon," says Muzyka.

"All our games on both the PC and consoles are extremely ambitious, and to achieve that ambition it takes time. We're not going to cut corners."

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