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Killer 7 creator handling Blood+

Another from Grasshopper.

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Killer 7 creator Suda Goichi's a busy boy - having already been linked with an original PS3 title this week, now talk in Famitsu has him directing a PS2 adapatation of the Blood+ anime.

Called Blood+ One Night Kiss, the game's due out this summer from Namco Bandai and in development at Goichi's Grasshopper studio. Blood+, in case you're not Rob, is the TV series sequel to Blood: The Last Vampire, which did pretty well on DVD in the UK.

One Night Kiss is described as an action game where the player adopts the mantle of series star Saya along with a new character, Aoyama, freely exploring the town of Shikishi in a visual style similar to Killer 7, but based on a new engine.

It's not the first time Blood's formed the basis of a game, incidentally - with Japan-only PS2 and PSP versions already released.

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