Blood+ One Night Kiss

Blood+ One Night Kiss

Blood+ One Night Kiss

Slightly anaemic smacker.

One Night Kiss comes from the same (slightly bonkers but apparently occasionally genius) brain behind Capcom's Killer 7. Indeed if it hadn't been for the involvement of Grasshopper Manufacture's genuinely zany Goichi Suda, we could all safely assume that the game would only boast the limited appeal of yet another anime spin-off, and there'd be no need for a review. But after bravely taking on the boring orthodoxy of mainstream videogame design with Capcom's nonconformist classic, Suda's stock is high and first impressions of Blood+ are that it's another barnstorming confrontation with the consensus.

Like the anime series upon which it's based, (which is itself a spin-off from the highly-acclaimed movie Blood: The Last Vampire, fact-fans), the game's lead protagonist is a schoolgirl called Saya, who happens to be some sort of vampire/human hybrid with a calling in life to dispatch the Chiroptera - a vampire-like race of bat-men who go about their daily business disguised as humans. The game also features a supporting cast drawn from the series, and introduces another playable character in the shape of the extraordinarily coiffured, shotgun-wielding Aoyama, with the action switching between the two characters at preordained points within the game.

Although the game doesn't technically utilise the Killer 7 engine, it does feature a correspondingly outlandish artistic vision, so it's similarly super-stylish and slightly inexplicable. Unlike Killer 7, characters don't move on rails, and are free to explore their surroundings, but like Killer 7, the game world is superbly cel-shaded - full of fascinating angles, bold blocks of colour, and intriguing spaces. Every facet of the game, from load screens to in-game menus, has been rendered with sassy verve, and the opening cut-scenes prepare the tastebuds for another bout of Killer 7-style brilliance.

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Killer 7 creator handling Blood+

Another from Grasshopper.

Killer 7 creator Suda Goichi's a busy boy - having already been linked with an original PS3 title this week, now talk in Famitsu has him directing a PS2 adapatation of the Blood+ anime.