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New Tekken PSP details

All manner of modes and fighters.

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Sony has announced more details of Tekken Dark Resurrection, the first PSP instalment in the hit beat-'em-up series.

It'll feature more than 30 customisable characters, including newcomers Dragunov and Lili, our old friend the Armor King and lots of other familiar faces. You can spend the money you earn from fights on new stuff for your character - apparently there are twice as many items to choose from than there were in Tekken 5.

Game modes will include Arcade Battle, which sees you fighting your way to fame and glory, and Quick Battle, which lets you take part in one-on-one or team battles against the CPU. Team Battle allows up to eight players compete in a knockout tournament.

Story Battle lets you find out all about your character's history, while Tekken Dojo sees you fighting for the title of Tekken Lord as you battle in a series of Dojos based on a private island owned by Mishima Zaibatsu.

Then there's Ad Hoc Mode, for wireless battles against real life opponents, and three attack modes - Time Attack, Survival and Gold Rush. And finally, there's the obligatory Practice mode, complete with tutorials, freestyle training and command training.

Tekken Dark Resurrection is out later this year.

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