Tekken Dark Resurrection

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Namco declares Marshall Law on handheld gaming.

Things haven't exactly been great for the poor old PSP lately. Aside from the insanely good LocoRoco, Sony's handheld has been starved of quality titles for much of the year, leaving it to look on helplessly while the DS rides the non-game wave into millions more households. But as the likes of Nintendogs have proved, it only takes one game to tip the balance of power and if Namco's fisticuffs extravaganza Dark Resurrection can't put the PlayStation Portable back on the map, it's unlikely that anything will.

So yeah, PSP Tekken is good. As in really good. The typically sleek Namco presentation couldn't be better suited to the PSP and the visuals really show what Sony's handheld can do in the right hands. Beautiful character models and flawless animation make for the best showcase for the PSP's potential so far. But as impressive as it may look, Dark Resurrection's core gameplay also manages to live up to the heady standard set by its production values. It may be 'just Tekken' but however you look at it, this is the best 'home version Tekken' out there.

You want characters? You got them. Dark Resurrection features the largest roster yet for a Tekken title - an incredible 34 characters are all ready to go from the outset and however you like to play, there'll be one to suit your style among them. Grapplers can plump for King, Armor King or Marduk, martial arts fans have Feng, Law and Lei (among others) and there's even potential to go a bit further afield with unique fighters like Ganryu or Roger. On top of having pretty much every character to have graced the series thus far (only Gon, the stupid Ogres and clone characters like Alex, Tiger and Forrest don't make it in, which shouldn't disappoint too many people), Dark Resurrection also brings in two new characters. Lili spins and flips about not unlike a hybrid of Dead Or Alive's Helena and Kasumi while Russian special agent Dragunov keeps things far simpler, mixing heavy hits with a supreme mix-up game. In fact, the only bad news on the character front is that Namco has apparently forgotten to remove broken boss Jinpachi, but even that isn't a major deal breaker as you'll only come across the overpowered freak in a couple of modes.

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Ghost downloads in Tekken PSP

But no online head to head.

Namco's PSP version of Tekken, Dark Resurrection, will allow you to download ghosts of the best players in the world so you can actually see just how rubbish you are by comparison.

New Tekken PSP details

New Tekken PSP details

All manner of modes and fighters.

Sony has announced more details of Tekken Dark Resurrection, the first PSP instalment in the hit beat-'em-up series.

It'll feature more than 30 customisable characters, including newcomers Dragunov and Lili, our old friend the Armor King and lots of other familiar faces. You can spend the money you earn from fights on new stuff for your character - apparently there are twice as many items to choose from than there were in Tekken 5.

Game modes will include Arcade Battle, which sees you fighting your way to fame and glory, and Quick Battle, which lets you take part in one-on-one or team battles against the CPU. Team Battle allows up to eight players compete in a knockout tournament.

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Tekken PSP unveiled

It's out in Japan this summer.

Reports that a Tekken game is in development for the PSP have been confirmed after Famitsu magazine published a whole bunch of screenshots and some new details of the title.