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Ghost downloads in Tekken PSP

But no online head to head.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Namco's PSP version of Tekken, Dark Resurrection, will allow you to download ghosts of the best players in the world so you can actually see just how rubbish you are by comparison.

Tekken DR, which is due out in September, is known to include ad hoc (i.e. PSP to PSP) multiplayer, but it doesn't have any direct online fighting (or "infrastructure modes" as Sony likes to call them).

So the news that you'll be able to download ghost recordings is something. According to Famitsu, who announced the info, you'll be able to haul them straight onto your Memory Stick via the game, or download them on the PC and then transfer them across using a USB cable.

For more on Tekken DR including who's in it and what sort of game modes are on offer, check out last month's news on the subject.

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