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New Capcom titles at TGS

Nightmare Before Christmas, Maximo-inspired Jiraiya, Crimson Tears, Hyper SFII and Mega Man's latest.

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Along with all the rest, the Tokyo Game Show has also introduced us to a handful of new Capcom games, some of which we've heard of, others of which are entirely new!

Topping the list of interesting properties is the Japanese developer's take on Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas for PS2. It's a third-person game built as a sequel to the film, bulging with a mixture of action and puzzles, and we should learn more at simultaneous press events planned for Halloween in Japan, Los Angeles and London, says producer Tatsuya Minami. We'd like to go to the one in Japan, please. The game is due out in October 2004 (surprise, surprise), with Jack Skellington, Zero, Sally and nemesis Oogie Boogie looking ace.

Next up we have Jiraiya: The Magical Ninjya (yes, with a 'y'), featuring character designs from Maximo veteran Susumu Matsushita. You can see the Maximo influence in these Magic Box snapshots, and apparently Jiraiya is a kid ninja who can also summon beasts to attack enemies - as long as he unlocks them first by beating boss characters. The game will be playable cooperatively.

Also in development are a couple of new Mega Man titles. Rockman X Command Mission (presumably to become Mega Man X Command Mission in the US and Europe) for PS2 and GameCube is one, and, interestingly, is described as an action RPG with a lot of new characters. We can also expect to see the fourth instalment in the popular Battle Network series appear in Red Sun and Blue Moon versions this December in Japan, with the different enemies and boss characters in each interchangeable via link cable.

The other two we've already heard about. Crimson Tears, from Dream Factory, was revealed some time ago, while we went over Hyper Street Fighter II just yesterday. If we see any more Capcom related TGS news, we'll let you know.

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