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Capcom/Dream Factory working on Crimson Tears

It's the word of the gaming year, 'crimson'. Next year: 'rampant'.

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The latest Famitsu apparently announces a new Capcom cel-shaded 3D action title called Crimson Tears. Described as a collaborative effort between Capcom (publisher), Dream Factory (developer) and Spike (marketing), PS2 title Crimson Tears takes place in a near-future Tokyo where a biotechnology company called Weaponix secretively plots the course of the world as an underground manufacturer of war machines (you'd think someone would spot the possibility in the company's name).

There are three main characters (of which you'll control one and keep the other two in tow, by the looks of it), all of whom are humanoid biological weapons called mutanoids; Tokio (a 24-year-old bloke with an aptitude for distant attacks), Asuka (a 19-year-old girl with close-combat skills), and Kaede (a 16-year-old lass with a penchant for heavyweight brutality).

The actual gameplay takes place in randomly generated dungeons, with an initial tooling up area where characters and equipment can be chosen, and consists of fighting enemies, finding items and beating a big boss in the middle.

It's 30 per cent complete and allegedly scheduled to appear at E3, although it wasn't on Capcom's leaked list of TBA titles (which included newcomers Bombastic, Maximo vs. Army of Zin and Gotcha Force amongst others).

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