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Hyper Street Fighter II details

Quite a compilation.

Ahead of the Tokyo Game Show later this month, Capcom has shed some light on Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition, which will launch for PS2 in Japan this December to celebrate 15 years of Street Fighter II.

According to reports, HSFII will use character sprites from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but will incorporate character setups from every version of SFII in circulation, asking you to choose from World Warrior, Champion Edition, Turbo, Super and Super Turbo versions of a character.

Definitely one for the sort of purists who want to know how certain characters would fare had Capcom not upgraded their abilities, HSFII will also include a gallery mode showcasing artwork, opening/end sequences from all the SFII games, and detailed credits for every version to boot.

Even better, reports suggest that the legendary Street Fighter II Anime circa 1994 will also appear on the disc. Sceptics needn't fear though - this is no Van Damme/Kylie abomination, but a proper, Capcom-backed adaptation complete with dragon punches, Bison levitation, F-words and Chun Li getting butchered in her smalls.

Furthermore, producer Kenji Itsuno appeared at a pre-TGS press briefing this week and stated that a separate DVD showing all the different combos, tricks and quirks of the many iterations of SFII will also be released in Japan.

We only hope that some of these treats make it past the language barrier. At the moment though, there's no talk of a Western release.