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Spore for Xbox 360?

MS CEO seems to think so.

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted that Spore, the latest project from Sims creator Will Wright, will be getting an outing on the Xbox 360.

In an interview with, Ballmer discussed the importance of showcasing innovation when it comes to seeing off the 360's rivals. "We've got to be there telling the story and showing those things which are more interesting," he said, "Whether it's a Spore or a Kameo, which is a different kind of game for the console world."

Spore, which will be published by Electronic Arts, has so far only been officially announced for the PC. Described as "Sim Everything" (which Wright initially considered titling the game), it sees the player guiding a single-celled organism through the evolutionary process with an end goal of total intergalactic domination.

Speaking in an interview with, Wright explained: "One of my goals for this whole thing has been to give somebody an awe-inspiring global view of reality, almost like a drug-induced epiphany with a computer.

"Can we transfer that experience into an interactive computer game? Can a computer game bring you to theological discussions, or philosophy, but at the same time remain eminently whimsical and playful and approachable?

"That's an interesting balance to strike. I like the idea of an extremely whimsical toy that has deep philosophical implications," he added.

You can read the full interview here. Screenshots are available here, and you can find out more about the game here. [Hear hear. -Ed]

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